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Fernando V. Lima
Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Operability App

The Operability App is a tool written in MATLAB® for the integration of design and control through operability analysis. The concepts of available input and achievable output sets are employed for the quantification of system’s ability to be operated within desired set-point ranges and/or to reject expected disturbances. The introduced algorithms and approaches aim to benefit new designs with a lack of guidelines and heuristics for operation, such as designs for emerging modular and intensified processes. Examples in the app include the modular design of an intensified membrane reactor.

This initiative has the objective of supporting process systems applications and promoting the dissemination, discussion and improvement of operability approaches and algorithms. Information about the developed approaches can be found at reference [1] below. Please cite this reference if you use the Operability App for your own research.

Process Operability Mapping Algorithm: Direct Mapping and Inverse Mapping are provided for input set and output set.

Process Operability Algorithm Schematic [1].

[1] Vitor Gazzaneo, Juan C. Carrasco, David R. Vinson and Fernando V. Lima. Process operability algorithms: past, present and future developments. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 59(6):2457-2470,, 2020.